Burn Info

  • Current Burning Status: Starting on June 1st the county-wide burn ban goes into place until Sept 30th. During this time no burning can take place unless it’s an approved DOE agricultural burn.

    Recreational fires and cooking fires are approved during this time if using approved devices and have a space of 25’ of non-combustible space surrounding the fire pit, you must also have a charged hose available for use.

    Gas and charcoal barbecues are allowed when used in a safe manner.

    If you have questions please refer to the Grant County Fire Marshals page or call us at 509-765-3175

Burning Ban Information

  • Too verify authorized burn days please call 1-800-406-5322
  • fter verifying if it’s a approved burn day by Washington State Department of Ecology please contact us before burning at 765-3175

Did you know it is illegal to burn the following materials in an outdoor fire?
Paint, Construction Debris, Tires, Cardboard, Dead Animals, Demolition Debris, Petroleum Products, Asphalt, Plastic, Metals, treated wood and paper.

What can I burn then?
The only approved item that you may burn outdoors is natural vegetation (Residential yard waste like weeds or leaves).

How much of this natural vegetation can I burn?
You may only burn one 4' X 4' X 3' pile at a time.

Can I use a burn barrel to burn the natural vegetation?
NO. Burn barrels are and have been illegal in Washington State since 2000. There are many fires, whether it be wildalnd or structural, that start every year in the Grant County Area as a direct result of burning in a burn barrel. Ultimately, you could be held criminally and civilly liable for any damage done by a fire resulting from a burn barrel.

What is the definition of Residential Burning?
Residential Burning means the outdoor burning of leaves, clippings, pruning and other yard and gardening refuse originating on lands immediately adjacent and in close proximity to a human dwelling and burned on such lands by the property owner or his or her designee.

Can I use a burn to clear off my land?
Yes. Although restrictions and possibly permits may apply in order for you to conduct one. You are encouraged to contact the Washington State Department of Ecology for more information.


What is the definition of Land Clearing burning?
Land Clearing burning means outdoor burning of trees, stumps, shrubbery, or other natural vegetation from land clearing projects (i.e. projects that clear the land surface so it can be developed, used for a different purpose, or left unused).

Is there anywhere I can't burn?
On January 1, 2007 the Washington Clean Air Act banned ALL burning in Urban Growth areas. Click on the following links to view maps of the urban growth areas in:

Grant County

You are also not allowed to have any type of a burn within 50 feet of a structure. Additionally, no residential burns are allowed within 500 feet of forest slash.

This includes all incorporated city limits within Grant County. There are several areas within the Fire District boundaries as well, please contact 765-3175 for further burn questions and to inform us of your scheduled burning.

Can I burn at night?
NO. Residential and Land clearing burns at night are prohibited. These burns are often seen by citizens passing by and are reported to the 9-1-1 dispatch center. Ultimately, fire units are then dispatched to your residential or land clearing burn even though you may have it under control.

What if the smoke is drifting over to my neighbors house?
If the smoke from your residential or land clearing burn is impacting your neighbors you must extinguish it immediately. Therefore it is important to choose your burn day carefully, taking into account the winds and temperatures. This will not only help in not impacting your neighbors, but will keep your fire safe and will lesson the chances of it escaping from your control.

What are some alternatives to burning?
Burning is not always the best option. You may also consider turning the yard waste into compost or having it chipped and hauled away by your local garbage disposal company.

What about agricultural burns?
A permit is required before you can conduct an agricultural burn. An agricultural burn is a burn of orchard trees (if the orchard will be replanted) open fields or harvest debris.

Everyday there is a decision made if agricultural burning will be allowed. You can call 509-329-3400 for the daily burn decision or visit the Washington State Department of Ecology's burn decision page at:


What do I need to do to conduct a safe burn?
Always call before you burn. Advise the MACC 9-1-1 dispatch center at 762-1160 and within our Fire District 765-3175.

Never leave your fire unattended. If there is enough wind to significantly affect your fire, consider burning another day. Finally, always have a water source nearby to help extinguish any problem spots.

For more information on burning tips and restrictions contact the Washington State Department of Ecology or visit their website at:


Some of the information on this page was obtained from the WSDOE website.